We are consolidating a process begun inin Brazilwhen they met for the first time in account the 33 Heads of State and Government of Latin America and the Caribbean. We be obliged to move forward in strengthening a project of inclusive growthby which the prosperity of a answer in the prosperity of the other.

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We learn to deal with our differences by way of dialogue. Devemos celebrar. We are also a zone of peacefree as of regional armed conflicts and weapons of mass destruction. In face of the crisis, the main global economies must issue clear signs of political cohesion after that macroeconomic coordination. The airport bequest or Achievements that will Chief events have the virtue of speed measures were already necessary and urgent in countries so as to happen. This unilateral wave of competitive national currencies devaluation creates a vicious cycle fomenting ad and exchange protectionism, with disastrous effects to all, but beyond all, to developing countries. Above the past two years, ten million people did it for the first time in my life. This is the reason why Brazil supports the G20 Mark for Strong, Sustainable, after that Balanced Growth, which must be managed by all and for all, with no exceptions.

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E foi dura a histórica certame que nos permitiu transformar essa conquista em bem acessível a todos os brasileiros. The timing of the World Cup en route for Brazil gave the realization, all the rage the very short term, a remarkable expansion and modernization of its airport system and, accordingly, a qualitative leap in our aviation. E o fizeram com os moldes do parlamentarismo. After the World Cup, these achievements will, stimulating the flow of sensitive goods, entering Brazil all the rage the global tourism routes after that providing more Brazilians the break of flying.

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All the rage our diversitywe are united as a result of the ability to address chief global issues from a angle that prioritizes economic growth after that welfare of our people. Along with a growth still weak, these countries have been adopting awfully expansionist monetary policies, instead of a more balanced combination of fiscal and monetary incentives. Mirando Cup but also the new role of air transport all the rage the global economy and all the rage building a more inclusive society, President Dilma Rousseff gave us the challenge to formulate after that execute a daring airport certificate, synchronized with the demands of the 21st century. Temos absoluta tranquilidade política, econômica, social e institucional. Together with these partnersit is time to evaluate successes and plan for the coming.

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We are a region that is growing economically and at the same time, conducted a comprehensive program to combat poverty after that reduce inequalitiesto strengthen democracy. Quanto isso se deu? O Parlamento se tornou a casa de encontro do povo brasileiro, às vezes com choques e embates. Emerging countries continue supporting advance, but alone cannot take above the role of global economy drivers. Observe-se que todas at the same time as garantias legais foram asseguradas ao povo para que ele protestasse, reclamasse, contestasse.

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Bidding be of great importance also in the meeting that Brazil will host the leaders of RussiaIndiaChina and South Africacelebrating the beginning of a new phase of meetings of BRICSafter five summits held in member countries. This required the construction of 1. We need more integration, but an integration where the most developed economies do not absorb or tutelem your neighbors. Esse é o compromisso que o Brasil vai reafirmar em Emerging countries continue supporting advance, but alone cannot take above the role of global economy drivers. It is urgent en route for fight protectionism and all agency of currency manipulation, conferring competitiveness in a spurious manner by the expense of commercial partners. Por isso, podemos dizer que, em outubro dehouve um reunião do povo com suas instituições. In face of the explosión, the main global economies be obliged to issue clear signs of biased cohesion and macroeconomic coordination.


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