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All the rage this last feature film, Jia creates characters that roam not only separated from their hometowns, but that are now brutally interfering in the course of their history and the world around them, killing, injuring, after that even putting an end en route for their own lives. So, how come Jia is considered a leading member of this cohort? In what world do we live in?! It is all there, and maybe that is one of the great strengths of his movies. Jia creates images from these contrasting times in an in-growth China after that, that way, he allows us to think of a world endowed with an urban geography composed by ruins, rubble, walls, big modern buildings, where his characters coexist in this same picture frame, going from one point to another. Assistir seus filmes é deixar-se levar pela inércia na história destes habitam o espaço urbano: In,he shot his first short film called One day in Beijing. O contato com Bazin, um grandioso nome entre os professores da Academia de Cinema de Pequim, pode ter influenciado o feição de longas sequências, planos, e o realismo característico no cinema de Jia. Talvez o restante evidente é o uso de som fora da tela.

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Ele é conhecido na China e em todo o mundo quanto o maior cineasta independente de todos os tempos. De seu discurso prudente emana uma fortaleza que lhe confere a auto-suficiência e a autoconfiança. It is hard to imagine that the chinese Quentin Tarantino will not come from the crowds, casual his time in the bootlegged CD stores. O significado de independente vem mudando na Best china. Since his first short film, of which the only current copy was lost, Jia was discussing his own uncertainties the moment of the world around him. Ten years ago, Kieslowski said that he was an Eastern European amateur. Os conceitos estereotipados, a prevalência do a priori, os preconceitos inflexíveis. Going further, the filmmaker not only makes those people visible, although also produces new possible forms of life with his act, without victimizing them. Attentive enough not to let the abode where he was born disappear even though most of it is already gonehis hometown has no nostalgia, but it is endowed with a certain dejected and substantiation.